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This saleyard information website has been rebuilt to ensure you the best possible access to a safe and informative information service about saleyards on a website. In it we have a variety of items ranging from the National Livestock Reporting Service compiled market reports, industry news items, through to all forms of information regarding saleyards.

Please be our guests and take advantage of our free service which also includes individual livestock saleyard details from around Australia including their sales programs, agents and transporters contacts that we hope will be of commercial advantage to all people interested in this industry..

Industry news

Industry opposes mandatory sheep & goat eRFID

Industry News

Australian Livestock Markets Association (ALMA) along with WoolProducers Australia (WPA), the Sheepmeat Council of Australia (SCA), the Goat

Consultation starts on Saleyards Animal Welfare

Industry News

Now consulting and taking  comment on the proposed standards- you have 90 days please follow the link.

Welcome Funding Singleton Saleyards

Industry News

 Singleton Saleyards to upgrade.

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